QUALIFY: The top 20 players on the Red Hot Poker Tour Main Leaderboard are eligible for the Tournament of Champions events/prizes, as well as the top 120 on the Championship Qualifiers (CQ) Leaderboard.

BONUS CHIPS & POINTS: Members who register and play the tournament wearing clothing with a Party Poker logo receive an additional 500 value chip in their starting stack, if they win the tournament receive a bonus 500 points. Red Club gear is also valid for the bonus. "DOUBLE POINTS” events can be awarded to a maximum of 2500.

POINTS INQUIRIES: To have your question investigated you must provide the following information: 1) Name, 2) Date of Event, 3) Member Number, 4) Finish Position/Points Inquiry. Send to the Minister of Points: RH-MOP@redhotpokertour.com.

1 Gary Slater29550
2 Arlan Musgrave25225
3 Kevin Lalonde22500
4 Andy Lerikos21925
5 Elizabeth Bencke21100
6 Wayne Patfield19100
7 Toni Francis18575
8 Jacques Dagenais17975
9 Lucy Corbin17875
10 Fred Brinker17175
11 Dimitri Jean-Paul16650
12 James Parsons16000
13 Jasper Nieuwland15600
14 Grant Swartz15500
15 Cecile Carlson-Graves15475
16 Steven Szonyi15000
17 Lynn Armstrong14975
18 James Snake14925
19 Faraz Salim14750
20 Ralph Schaffner14725

21 David Lewis14350
22 Sharron Powers14275
23 Trish Sutton14225
24 George Johnston14200
25 Nicole Gray13975
1 Elizabeth Bencke21100
2 Toni Francis18575
3 Lucy Corbin17875
4 Cecile Carlson-Graves15475
5 Lynn Armstrong14975
6 Sharron Powers14275
7 Trish Sutton14225
8 Nicole Gray13975
9 Lisa Clayton13950
10 Cyndy Warner13750

1 Kevin Lalonde41
  Gary Slater41
  Steven Szonyi41
4 Andy Lerikos38
5 Nicole Gray37
  Lucy Corbin37
7 Toni Francis36
8 Bryan Shailer35
9 James Snake34
  Stephan Clark34