QUALIFY: The top 20 players on the Red Hot Poker Tour Main Leaderboard are eligible for the Tournament of Champions events/prizes, as well as the top 120 on the Championship Qualifiers (CQ) Leaderboard.

BONUS CHIPS & POINTS: Members who register and play the tournament wearing clothing with a Party Poker logo receive an additional 500 value chip in their starting stack, if they win the tournament receive a bonus 500 points. Red Club gear is also valid for the bonus. "DOUBLE POINTS” events can be awarded to a maximum of 2500.

POINTS INQUIRIES: To have your question investigated you must provide the following information: 1) Name, 2) Date of Event, 3) Member Number, 4) Finish Position/Points Inquiry. Send to the Minister of Points: RH-MOP@redhotpokertour.com.

1 Courtenay Wellwood41775
2 Arlan Musgrave38350
3 Gary Slater35425
4 Alpha Pierre26275
5 Wayne Patfield23925
6 Alykhan Janmohamed22950
7 Faraz Salim21300
8 Katie Ellis21275
9 Duane Allan20100
10 Julius Vilez19850
11 Fred Brinker19650
12 Mary Thomas19025
13 Penny Stoddart18975
14 George Johnston18400
15 Bruce Holland18350
16 Robert Walden17625
  Doug Ayles17625
18 Steve Demmery17575
19 John Wilson16975
20 Brian Petek16900

21 Lijo Thomas16075
22 Sean Powell15975
23 Joyce Seifried 14925
24 Greg Paget14525
25 Mike Paige14425
1 Katie Ellis21275
2 Mary Thomas19025
3 Penny Stoddart18975
4 Joyce Seifried 14925
5 Sharon Wilson14300
6 Jen Quinn13700
7 Vanessa Ramsundhar12625
8 Pam Alguire12425
9 Nancy Blackall12175
10 Lisa Clayton12100

1 Gary Slater41
  Arlan Musgrave41
3 Courtenay Wellwood40
  Andy Lerikos40
5 Penny Stoddart38
  Bruce Holland38
  Katie Ellis38
8 Albert Wong37
  Steve Demmery37
10 Wayne Patfield36